GeniusAlert is the innovative and versatile reminder App that notifies you when, where and whomever you want.
You want to remember a birthday or to buy the cake when you are near your favorite cake shop or to wish when you meet your friend install


Android app on Google Play

Set date and time and GeniusAlert notifies your reminder in the desired instant.
Set a place and GeniusAlert notifies your reminder when you arrive or when you leave the desired location.
Set a Bluetooth device, such as your friend’s phone, and GeniusAlert notifies your reminder when you are with him.



GeniusAlert is a reminder App that can detect three types of events:
- When, event associated with an instant in time
- Where, event associated with the passage in a location
- Who, event associated with the presence of a bluetooth device

GeniusAlert in addition to the classic alarms can alert you when you arrive or leave a place or if you are with a friend. Different events may be associated with the same alarm to get reminders for every occasion. GeniusAlert notifies your reminders in the exact moment you need and it avoid that the phone alerts you in not useful moments.

SmartGeniusAlert is free and contains no advertising. You can download GeniusAlert from Google Play ™.

SmartAlert is compatible with all devices with Android™ version equal or greater than 2.2 (Froyo) and it is available for free on Google Play™. Try it and let us know if you like it!!

  Android app on Google Play


Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc. - Google Play™ is a trademark of Google Inc.



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